I’m passionate about the healing qualities of yoga and the power of my own thinking to cultivate liberating beliefs about myself and the world that serve me.

This awareness sorts out the real from the unreal,

creating a fully lived life open to all possibilities” … Jaya

Jaya Jones: Live the life you truly want to live!

Jaya Jones: Live the life you truly want to live!


Sadhana – Learn a Spiritual Practice

Sadhana (spiritual practice) is a life transformation program that cultivates your spiritual strength. It offers you a sense of self-love and acceptance so you can be clear and present with whatever is happening in your life. You will connect with a sense of deep peace and connection within yourself. Sadhana stabilises the inevitable ups and downs and offers you wisdom so you can see the opportunities in the middle of problems. Sadhana gives you a healthy body, mind and spirit. Find out more…

Spiritual Counselling

Are you experiencing unexpected and rapid change within yourself and your perception of the world? Does nothing seem to make sense anymore? Spiritual counselling can support you to understand your inner process, navigate major life changes and experience peace so you can emerge into a self-realised human being. Find out more…

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Are you seeking a deeper experience with yoga? You can transform your life with this amazing body practice. Kundalini yoga works deep into your subconscious to heal and expand your awareness. It increases your physical vitality and gives you a clear and balanced mind.  Kundalini Yoga is safe and effective, it is the ideal form of yoga for people who want an immediate feel-good effect and the long term benefits and enjoyment of a relaxed and uplifted consciousness.  Find out more…

Vision Board Yoga

This workshop will take you on a journey through yoga, sound and creative art expression to set you on a clear path in the direction of your life purpose for the next 3 years. Find out more…

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