“I’m passionate about the healing qualities of yoga and the power of my own thinking to cultivate liberating beliefs about myself and the world that serve me. This awareness sorts the real from the unreal,creating a fully lived life open to all possibilities”

Awake in the Dream:  6-month program to Transform your Breakdown into Spiritual Breakthrough

spiritual emergenceAre you feeling confused and struggling with compelling negative emotions? Does nothing seem to make sense any more? When you are going through massive life changes and transformation, life can feel like it’s out of your control. This program will help you understand the changes that are happening within yourself so you can clear the mental clutter and find relief from emotional ups and downs.

Step-by-step, you will be supported to move through old fears so you can be free of the past and transform suffering into freedom. This program is highly recommended for those seeking in-depth support for their journey of personal healing, spiritual emergence and awakening.  Find out more…

Connect your Human Experience with your Divine Wisdom:  40-Day Spiritual Practice

spiritual practice

Do you vacillate between your old comfort zone that doesn’t feel right to you any more, and the preferred you that feels true, authentic and connected to your Divine Self? When your undoing old life patterns that don’t feel right to you any more, it can be hard to speak your truth and be the real you.

This program will support you to lay a strong spiritual foundation so you can transition from old personal conditioning to a meaningful connection with your Divine Self that is aligned with your life purpose and who you really are. If you’re looking for support on your life journey to integrate the Divine into your everyday life, then this program is for you.  Find out more…

Kundalini Yoga Class – Fremantle area

Jaya Jones - Kundalini Yoga Fremantle AreaAre you seeking a deeper experience with yoga? You can transform your life with this amazing body practice. Kundalini yoga works deep into your subconscious to heal and expand your awareness. It increases your physical vitality and gives you a clear and balanced mind.

Kundalini yoga teaches us that yoga on the mat is synonymous to our everyday life. Like yoga, life will challenge you to stay present and to breath into your experience.  Kundalini yoga is safe and effective, it is the ideal form of yoga for people who want an immediate feel-good effect and the long term benefits and enjoyment of a relaxed and uplifted consciousness.  Find out more…

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