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Who would you be without your limiting beliefs that hold you back from doing what you love?

Jaya Jones - Take the leap of faith & do what you love!

Take the leap of faith & do what you love!

I launched Jaya in July 2014. It has been stop and start with it going on ‘ice’ for an extended period of time. I attempted to start kundalini yoga classes from home on a few occasions. 1 or 2 people would come (mostly one or none!) I felt so empty after yoga classes because I anticipated more people would come as I wanted to share with students the life changing and transformational experience of yoga because of the personal and profound impact that yoga has on my life.

Week after week, this feeling of “I’m not good enough, no one likes my classes, kundalini yoga is too weird”.  Thoughts of “it’s all too hard, it’s easier just to work for someone else and earn a living”. Oh my God, these were all in the mix.

Over the past 6 months I have been reading very interesting articles on the internet and watching Youtube videos from world renowned teachers on manifesting and living my life to its full potential. I’ve been ‘unpacking’ some old limiting beliefs that have been holding me back and taking some action on living the life that I love. I have been asking the question who would I be without …? (self doubt, not good enough) … bla, bla, bla

Something is happening … I feel free! I feel shiny! I feel good about myself and I’m doing what I love. I’m living my life to live my greatest potential. I’m sleeping soundly at night because I’m not plagued with anxiety about my self-worth. I’m feeling compassionate towards myself and others, I feel open and I have an attitude of Go-For-it! This is the key – to feel what you want to experience in your life. Imagine and daydream about the life you want to live like its actually happening.

Because of my positive feelings, I am manifesting an amazing life! This is that law of attraction stuff. This is what is happening for me as a result of my positive feelings: I have nearly finished my first book!  – Move Your Body, Free Your Mind, Change Your Life: 12 simple and easy life skills to stabilise your emotions, sharpen your mental clarity and raise your physical energy. Book to be released soon! And … Lots of people are interested and coming to my kundalini yoga classes that I teach every week. And a gym has found me online and has offered me a yoga gig. And … My first regular skype client all the way from the UK! And … I love kundalini yoga so much that I’ve started my 2nd yoga teacher training course. And … I’ve completed a business course especially for yoga teachers. And … I’m leading music circles (kirtan singing) regularly at our local ashram.

All this has not come so easy. All these old limiting beliefs have been simmering away all my life. These beliefs come up especially when you step outside your comfort zone and do what you love. These beliefs have knocked me for a ‘sixer’ at times in my life. These are the real times of transformation. Welcome these times with loving arms. A few meltdowns can sometimes happen when you start to follow your heart, when you start clearing out the muck. Underneath the muck is the truth about you.

The thing is, when you’re ready to make changes…and I mean super-empowering change in your life then resistance will rise up like wildfire in equal proportion to your desire to thrive. You must learn how to rise above it. Once you do, the rewards are awesome” (

This wildfire, wow, it sure is hot. It’s like a purification. I nearly quit on my yoga therapy business. It was on hold for over a year because I didn’t believe in myself and it was too hard to face the unworthiness and self-doubt that came with doing what I love. Well, with steady progress, a willingness to keep going and inspiration from online coaches and teachers I feel I’ve stopped ‘burning’ I’m starting to manifest what I truly love and want in my life. It’s been important for me to have life skills and a broader perspective around what is happening when those old limiting beliefs arise.

Here are some tips that may help you during those times when you feel like you’re having a meltdown.

  • Be the witness to your thoughts and feelings – like mind watching
  • You don’t need to believe all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that can sabotage your life
  • Be open to what may need to change in your life to make room for miracles and amazing life opportunities
  • Move your body to shift stuck thoughts through yoga, dynamic breathing and exercise
  • Feel lots of love and compassion for yourself in the midst of a melt down
  • Connect with inspiring people that support you (online and with people you know)
  • If you see a therapist make sure that they know about personal and spiritual transformation
  • Cultivate an attitude of welcoming the old limiting beliefs because they need to come into the conscious mind to be seen, loved and cleared to make way for amazing possibilities in your life.
  • Eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein (will help to settle the mind). Your gut is your second brain!

I love writing about this and helping people through life transformation.

If you’re finally ready to put into a greater perspective those old limiting beliefs that are not working for you so you can experience the life you truly love, then …

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