Jaya Jones

I can support you to navigate major life changes & find your direction & purpose to live a passionate & fully inspired life!

I discovered yoga after a life changing year of separating from my partner, leaving my job, family and home. Lots of changes and transformation. A trip to India helped me to make sense of these changes. I connected with a sense of deep peace and connection within myself.

Yoga to me is more than a physical practice. I use yoga to get out of my head and into my body. The body helps me to slow down the thoughts, feel present and gets me into my heart. Yoga offers me a sense of self-love and acceptance. It helps me to be clear and present with whatever is happening in my life. It offers me direction and purpose so I can see the opportunities in the middle of problems.  Yoga gives me a healthy body, mind and spirit (click here to read Jaya’s story of transformation)

I have been exploring spiritual and personal development since 1987. This led me to teachings such as A Course in Miracles, The Work of Byron Katie and Kundalini Yoga. (click here for qualifications). My yoga classes are challenging, yet playful and meditative, centred on core strength. I firmly believe that our experience on the yoga mat can directly connect with our experience off the mat.

I also offer spiritual coaching, counselling and life transformation programs. I am passionate about supporting people going through spiritual crisis and navigating major life changes. My love of music and meditation infuses my teaching to guide people on an inward and outer journey.

I can support you to really know yourself, your life purpose. This is self-awareness so you have a choice and then the ability to let go of what does not serve you. Or actually, what doesn’t serve, let’s go of you. What you focus on expands in life. My goal is to support you in this life exploration as everything can provide you opportunities for self-awareness.

I live with my husband, Michael in Perth, Western Australia. We experience the love and support of this unfolding through our dedication to the truth, freedom, fun and integrity.

With Love … Jaya Jones

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