Jaya is absolutely great.  She guided me in transforming my darkest moments into blissful insights in a completely delicate way and with the highest levels of commitment, integrity and proficiency”.

“Sessions with Jaya are pure magic – Jaya is absolutely great with the soul alchemy while guiding me in transforming my darkest moments into blissful insights in a completely delicate way and with the highest levels of commitment, integrity and proficiency.

I feel so fortunate for having the chance to meet Jaya during some of the hardest times I have had in my life. It’s not the usual boring counseling (and I was definitely not looking for that), its actually much more.  The way I feel it is rather an approach perfectly tailored to my individuality and not ‘filtered’ through a specific method. Jaya is a very very good therapist! Thank you!” Vidya

Image result for zoe ware“Thank you for the amazing 40-day sadhana class you taught. I feel so many positive shifts in my life & I am amazed how things have shifted relatively easily as these are things I have been trying to change for years.

You have an amazing ability to relate to people and your guidance and support is treasured by me. You are truly a shining light of love, kindness & hope”. Zoe

“Since starting spiritual coaching with Jaya, I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my health, energy and my stress levels have reduced.

I have much more joy, light and freedom in my life. So, I would recommend Jaya to anybody who wants to make their life a better place to live. Thank you very much.” Leonie

“Jaya gently guided and supported me during my 40-day practice. This has given me the confidence to continue with my own daily practice at home. This has been a wonderful gift to me.

Thank you and much gratitude to you Jaya for reminding me that I am ok just the way I am!” Jens

“40-day spiritual practice with Jaya was both gentle and powerful. It was great to engage in a self-commitment to spiritual practice.

I felt very supported all the way.” Etai

“I can thoroughly recommend Kundalini yoga with Jaya. Yoga is such a beautiful way to wind down from a busy day. The setting is intimate and warm. As a teacher Jaya is deeply connected, wise and knowledgeable. At the end of the class I feel calmness, clarity and a sensation I could only describe as energised peace. To attend this class is an act of self-love. It is the highlight of my week. Treat yourself. Kirsten

“After attending the kundalini yoga session with Jaya I felt revived, energised, and awake. Reconnecting all elements of body mind and spirit into sacred Union with the life force energy. Definitely recommended!” Joe

“Thank you Jaya for introducing me to Kundalini Yoga! I was greeted by Jaya at her beautiful yoga studio in Kardinya and I instantly felt warm and happy! It was gentle as well as strong, the yoga challenged me in very helpful ways. I felt so much calm and energised all at the same time.” Susan

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