Transformation – It’s Time!

Jaya Jones - It's Time for Love and Compassion

It’s Time for Love and Compassion

Many of us are moving through significant life changes that can be very liberating and also difficult and challenging.

It’s a time of transformation for many of us. We are at a cross-road of change.

It’s time!

It’s time for self-enquiry, to see what beliefs, values, behaviours, people and addictions are not serving us and humanity. Are you willing to change your thinking habits and addictions that are not working for you?

This is an amazing time for humanity to un-learn, evolve and move into a greater capacity to experience compassion and love for ourselves and each other. We are actually being called to get real, to live from our heart and to be kind and loving. We are being called to outgrow criticism, judgement, comparisons and our set positions. And to cease making up problems that are not there.

If you are experiencing a lot of change, pain and difficulty right now, you could be out of integrity with what is really true for you. Your heart maybe calling you to think and do something different, to grow and evolve. It’s painful because you could be resisting and holding back. You are being called to let go and grow.

You maybe comfortable in your life, although you may not be happy. Take the courage and step outside your comfort zone. Open your mind and be willing to look at things differently than what you have done in the past. Einstein suggested that a definition of insanity is expecting different results when you keep doing the same thing. You may want to do something in life that you’ve always dreamed of doing. Now is the time!

You may need some extra support right now. Take some time out to rest and eat healthy. Educate yourself to what is in your local area. An activity to get you out of your head and into your body can be life changing. Walking, exercise, ecstatic dance, singing, chanting or drumming. It can be a meditation group a yoga class or an AA (alcoholics anonymous) meeting.  You may seek the support of a counsellor.

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