6-Month Life Transformation Program

Awake in the Dream: Transform your breakdown into Spiritual Breakthrough

When you’re struggling with big life changes and transformation, you can feel powerless during stormy emotions. Life can feel like it’s out of your control. Fear and doubt can seem like it’s taking over your life.

Awake in the Dream is a 6-month, 1-to-1 immersion that will transform your life. You will discover life changing spiritual practices such as Kundalini yoga, A Course in Miracles, mindfulness and body-centred awareness.  Using the wisdom of yoga, you are supported and empowered to learn daily practices and tools to support you in your transformation.

You may experience…

  • A feeling that there is nothing to hang onto any more
  • Bipolar symptoms like intense fear, self-doubt, confusion and depression and then in the same day you feel ecstatic bliss
  • Sensitivity being around other people and unusual psychic and mystical experiences
  • Unusual physical sensations

It can feel like…

  • Your life is falling apart and nothing makes sense any more
  • You’re picking up on all different energies from other people that is dis-orientating
  • You’re not sure what is real and what is not real
  • You feel alone and it’s like no one really understands you

What you want more than anything is to…

  • Understand what is going on, what it’s all for and what it means
  • Clear the mental clutter and feel relief from emotional ups and downs
  • Feel strong within yourself and know that everything will be okay
  • Feel a deep connection with the Divine so you can balance your physical and spiritual life
  • Live your truth and be the real you

When you trust your Divine Self and feel a deep connection with your inner guidance, you can stabilize the inevitable ups and downs during intense emotion and change. This clears the path to understand yourself and your circumstances so you can flow with ease and self-compassion to live a fully inspired life.

You will liberate yourself from negative emotions and no longer define yourself by fear, confusion and doubt. This allows you to be free of the mind and its stories that are limiting your true potential and celebrate in the knowledge that everything is okay.

This Life Transformation program is designed to guide you to…

  • Help you understand the changes that are happening within yourself so you can find meaning and purpose in challenging life situations
  • Connect with a sense of deep purpose in your pain so you are no longer defined by intense emotion
  • Cultivate loving kindness so you can be free from self-judgement and feel compassion towards yourself and others
  • Learn body centred practices so you can access states of peace at will and experience a safe-haven during stormy emotions
  • Change old habits and beliefs that don’t serve you so you can heal and be free from the past
  • Experience stability and wholeness so you can speak your truth and be authentic
  • Trust your inner guidance so you can feel confident and certain about your future
  • Cultivate peace and security during fear and intense change so you can live a happy and meaningful life

The benefits you will experience…

  • Build a strong identity as a Spiritual Being
  • Find freedom and peace of mind from compelling negative emotions
  • Self-empowerment through your own healing process
  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Compassion, love and self-acceptance
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others

If you are ready to understand your experience, to clear the emotional ups and downs and be the real you, then please contact me to find out more about this program.

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