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How to Change Negative Patterns in your Life

You can change negative patterns with Daily Spiritual Practice

What is daily spiritual practice? Spiritual can be a controversial word. Spiritual practice doesn’t have to include yoga, prayer or meditation (although it often does). It can simply be something that inspires (in-spirit) you, that you immerse yourself in regularly. It is something that you love. Like travel, surfing, exercise, starting a new and inspired project, a new career, playing music or enrolling in an art class. It is not necessarily the activity, but the quality connection that you feel from the activity.

I have always been interested in spirituality and the esoteric, so yoga and meditation does it for me.

I remember when I first became interested in spirituality. It was 1993 and I was 22yo. I was not very well. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, was depressed and I drank too much. I was advised by my doctor that I would have chronic fatigue for the rest of my life and I would need to rely on medication to help me keep up my energy.

I came across the classical spiritual text A Course in Miracles and I started practising the daily lessons. I also started yoga classes. I loved yoga so much that I started doing yoga in the mornings at my little home in Brisbane. At the time, I didn’t know this was a spiritual practice.

Cultivating a spiritual identity, yoga, good diet, a good attitude and giving up alcohol changed all that for me. Chronic fatigue left my life!

I must admit, like anyone who has had a dependency on a substance, I would relapse and go on and off the alcohol. For me, when I stay committed to my daily practice, I would not drink and I’d stay healthy. It’s been 10 years now since I had a problem with drinking.

The whole and balanced feeling that comes with regular daily spiritual practice is what I’m dependent on now. No room in my life for habits that don’t serve me anymore.

Top 7 Benefits of Daily Spiritual Practice

You may wonder how can daily spiritual practice change you? On a psychological level, doing what inspires you, positively changes your brain chemistry. When you cultivate happiness, contentment and peace through inspiration, you attract flow and abundance into your life. On a more deeper spiritual level, cultivating a deep connection with your inspiration is a vehicle for the Divine to express itself. This is where real and lasting change can happen.

  • Spiritual practice reconditions your thinking so you can set yourself free from old ways of being that don’t serve you
  • You can access peace at will and experience a safe haven in the midst of stormy emotions
  • You learn how to respond instead of react so you can stabilise the inevitable up’s and downs
  • You cultivate spiritual strength to deepen your connection with yourself and your relationships
  • You identify with an experience of stability and wholeness so you can balance your physical and spiritual life
  • You can clear your mental clutter so you can tune into your own inner guidance and feel inspired with your life
  • You cultivate self-love, kindness and compassion so you can rise above self-criticism and be the real you

For these 7 steps to work, you must identify with what inspires you and make time for yourself to do what you love, daily if you can. Sometimes when you move towards what inspires you, a lot of old doubt and fear can come up. You are making space for yourself to be the real you. There can also be protests from your loved ones because you are changing. So be prepared for some potential resistance, within you, and from others that may come up.

Bell of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a perspective or ‘lens’ to view our thoughts, feelings and emotions and is a life mindfulnessskill to change thinking patterns that create problems. It’s like a ‘shock absorber’ for the mind. Mindfulness is about self-awareness, connection with ourselves and appreciating the fullness of each moment of life. Kabat-Zinn calls it, “The art of conscious living.”  It is a profound way to enhance psychological and emotional well-being and increase life satisfaction.

The space in-between our thoughts, feelings, and identities is the domain of mindfulness. It is the tool to generate other perspectives or another ‘lens’ to view what is occurring in our life that is keeping us stuck. When you are mindful, you watch what the mind says about this and thinks about that… you react less and respond more. You become like a mind watcher to all the comings and goings of the mind. You change what can be changed and accept, hold and love what can’t be changed.

My husband taught me a great technique that he learnt from Tich Nat Hahn – the Bell of Mindfulness. It only takes a minute or two.

Try this …

We don’t have an actual bell, although often in a moment of stress, hurry or urgency one of us will stop and stay ‘ding.’ This has helped us to be present and mindful about what we are doing. We will often ‘ding’ ourselves in the car before we are about to drive somewhere, even at the risk of being late. Funny enough, the bell of mindfulness transforms time so that we are more time efficient!

I recommend that you ring your bell of mindfulness regularly so you can create a healthy habit of stillness, presence and reduce unnecessary stress. You will find that a lot of stress, worry and urgency drops away.

Do what you Love!

Who would you be without your limiting beliefs that hold you back from doing what you love?

Jaya Jones - Take the leap of faith & do what you love!

Take the leap of faith & do what you love!

I launched Jaya in July 2014. It has been stop and start with it going on ‘ice’ for an extended period of time. I attempted to start kundalini yoga classes from home on a few occasions. 1 or 2 people would come (mostly one or none!) I felt so empty after yoga classes because I anticipated more people would come as I wanted to share with students the life changing and transformational experience of yoga because of the personal and profound impact that yoga has on my life. Continue reading

Silent Retreat

Jaya Jones - Silent Retreat Perth

Silent Retreat Perth

I recently spent 9 days in silence at Jhana Grove Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre in Serpentine Western Australia. It’s located in the beautiful Perth Hills only 1 hour from the city!

The centre was right in the middle of 100’s of acres of bush land with miles and miles of bush walking tracks, a variety of bird life, kangaroos, frogs, bilbo’s (small Aussie mammal), warm sun and the sound of the cool summer breeze. Continue reading

The Goal of Yoga

Jaya Jones - Physical Fitness, Emotional Fitness & Mental Clarity = YOGA

Physical Fitness, Emotional Fitness & Mental Clarity = YOGAsunset

Patanjali in his 2nd Yoga Sutra states that “The entire science of yoga is based on controlling the mental modifications of the mind”

The goal of yoga is to quiet the mind so that ‘Union’ within yourself can occur. At its core, yoga brings together the fragmented parts of yourself, creating a sense of being at home and at peace in your life.

Continue reading