Is this a Problem or an Opportunity? – be the Alchemist in your Life

Be the Alchemist in your Life!

An alchemist transforms lead into gold. This is a beautiful metaphor of how challenging times in life do not have be as hard as what they seem to be.

Jaya Jones - Be the Alchemist in your Life

Be the Alchemist in your Life

I love alchemy! It’s a life skill that I have learned over the years to transform difficulties into opportunities.

I want to share with you 3 very simple life skills that work for me.

1.    A friend of mine said to me years ago when I was going through a painful time. “Is this a problem or an opportunity to learn?” I love this, it helps me so much in my life.

2.   When I’m feeling bogged down and I’m needing a greater perspective on something I’m feeling stuck with – I will often stop, breathe deeply and ask myself “is there another way to look at this?” Saying this to myself has opened up so many possibilities in my life.

The following skill is like gold to me!

3.  When you’re feeling stuck with something, contemplate the issue, then ask yourself the question “Who would I be without? … (the issue). Then deeply consider, the feelings you will experience, how the day will unfold, what you will be doing and how you will respond to others – without the issue (Byron Katie, The Work).

You too can be the alchemist in your own life!

With Love, Jaya

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